Belcorva was created in 2017 by our Founders Rob and Lindsey. As Lindsey began participating in marathons, she discovered most exercise pants lacked pockets to store fuel, phone, or car keys. The fact is women need to have their phones with them when they exercise outdoors so our pocket design is an important element. The pockets serve multiple functions beyond the needs of a distance runner, whether you’re going to the gym, lunch with friends, running errands or taking the kids on outings our pants provide pockets for you to store all your essentials like your gym pass, ID, money and much more. When the pockets are not in use, they become barely noticeable and are a cute design feature.

Our name and logo mean a lot to us and as Belcorva transitions to new owners, we continue to honor the deep meaning to both to our Founders and community, and we’re proud to honor that. Our logo, a picture of the sun rising over the mountains, symbolizes health, a new day and moving forward. Our company logo depicts the saying, "It's always the darkest before the dawn". We hope that our logo will be a sign of hope for those people who are in a dark place. Just as the sun rises, good things will come again. We believe there are great benefits to being outdoors, being active and moving forward, we're proud that our logo honors that.