PNW Ladies Running Group™ is for all women (all running abilities, goals, distances, etc.). This group is NOT just running. We do a lot of other FUN stuff such as hiking, taking fitness classes together, wine tasting, movies, and more!

Moving forward there will be a ZERO tolerance for any sort of racism and/or discrimination towards any race, color, ethnic group, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or military.

PNW MISSION STATEMENT: We are committed to serving and advocating for ALL of the local running community. We are committed to providing accessible opportunities for all runners to train, race, learn, be social and volunteer.

Our goal is to offer quality races for runners & walkers. Your purchase and/or registrations to our races, challenges, gear & more support our mission to empower women, men, & kids to lead active lifestyles without fear of racism and/or discrimination.

The group was created to continue to support women in their fitness goals through support, motivation, inspiration, race and product discounts, running buddies, adventure, & the information you need to work towards your goals (via leadership & member knowledge). We strongly believe in having a platform for women to help women (period) by sharing our experiences, having multiple opportunities for local and friendly meetups, and to empower one another in a positive and non-judgmental environment. We are very lucky to live in the PNW and would like to invite you to join us in the near future.