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Seattle Cherry Blossom Run

Sat March 22 - Sat March 29, 2025 Directions


Cherry Blossom Run to End Brain Cancer

Donation Goal: $40,000

Embracing My Life's Race:

Hello everyone,

I'm Jimmy Addison, the Race Director for annual Seattle Cherry Blossom Run!

Many of you are aware that I've been facing a terminal brain cancer called Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), Grade 4, for the past 16 months. Statistically, the prognosis for this aggressive tumor is bleak, but I am fortunate to still be here, fighting the odds. Your prayers and support mean the world to me.

The funds raised through your generous donations will be directed towards two causes close to my heart - UW Botanical Gardens and Seattle Children's Hospital.

A bit of history about the Seattle Cherry Blossom Run:

This event was born out of my passion for running and appreciation for the beauty around the University of Washington (UW) campus. Living in the Portage Bay - Montlake area for years, I frequented runs around Lake Union and the UW campus, cherishing the breathtaking cherry blossoms at the UW Quad each spring.
In 2019, I approached the UW Botanic Gardens department to turn my vision into reality—an annual running event that celebrates the natural splendor of the UW campus, featuring its plants, wildlife, landscape, architecture, and, of course, the 100+ cherry trees.
The event gained immense popularity, drawing participants to witness the stunning cherry blossoms at UW.

Recent Updates:

In May 2022, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a plum. Despite a successful surgery, the tumor is showing signs of regrowth. I face occasional symptoms and brain swelling, with the possibility of a second surgery being uncertain due to potential risks. My journey is still unfolding, and I rely on the guidance of medical professionals.

My Personal Story:

The turning point in my life occurred during a run in Washington Park Arboretum when I experienced a sudden disorientation and speech impairment. Terrifying moments followed at home, leading to a frantic call to my mother and a rushed visit to the Emergency Room. Subsequent scans revealed the severity of my condition, prompting a high-risk brain surgery at Harborview Medical Center, which I miraculously survived.
Recovery has been a challenging journey marked by rehab, radiation, and chemotherapy. I now live with expressive aphasia, apraxia, and occasional focal right arm seizures, making simple tasks a daily challenge.

Closing Thoughts:

Despite the hardships, my journey with a brain tumor has brought a new perspective on life. The irony lies in feeling more alive than ever, akin to the short and sweet lifespan of a cherry blossom. The blossoms remind us of life's beauty and its fragility.
Life is not about the duration but how we choose to live it. As I navigate this challenging chapter, I encourage you to experience the UW cherry blossoms this spring, appreciating the fleeting beauty that mirrors our existence. Join us for the Seattle Cherry Blossom Run, embracing life like a cherry blossom—bursting with vibrancy on nature's stage.
I look forward to seeing you there!

Warm regards,

Jimmy Addison, Race Director
Seattle Cherry Blossom Run



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