The Aloha Way!

As a newly-certified B Corp, we're building a business that's committed to the greater good. Employee-owned. Certified organic. Non-GMO Project verified. We care about every element of what goes into our products. From taking care of our employees, to nourishing the communities around us and the relationships that help us grow, all the way through to the land that sustains us. We're intentionally building a business that's built for good.
From day one, our team committed to making delicious food the right way. Our organic certification helps us ensure that your ALOHA products are as clean and natural as they are delicious. When we source organic, it means that we can guarantee that our ingredients are produced without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Beyond the delicious, wholesome taste that comes with these naturally-grown options, we also believe that thoughtful sourcing practices are critical due to their communal consequence: organic farming is baseline more sustainable than conventional methods. That means when ALOHA chooses to source only organic materials, our brand is working to support the ongoing preservation of natural resources. All this to say — ALOHA has been, is, and will be organic. Always.

This one goes out to all our friends who have ever hit a wall in the protein aisle. We’re all for variety (it’s the spice of life), but seriously, are you supposed to check the back panel on fifteen different products? You could — or you could start here. Check out how ALOHA compares to the other options in the aisle, and see how we’re raising the bar.